Crash Course

2D top down, time based, rogue-like shooter in which the player races against the clock powering up to progress through the levels and defeat unique bosses.

Official Trailer


Crash Course was in development from Jan 2016 - Apr 2016 during my freshman year at DigiPen. It was my first full semester project that came with a lot of learning. It was made in a mostly custom engine besides wrappers for graphics all in C.


Being my first real project the team was tiny(4 developers). My contributions to the game was 2D physics, player controller, player power ups, all the UI, UX, third boss battle, and desogn director.

Gameplay Screenshots



Video showing some of the gameplay from Crash Course. I implemented the 2D physics system which was an experience for a freshman! This was my intro to full development gameplay programming and was lucky to get experience

Gameplay Video

in all fields of programming and design. As a result of that, I was able to enter later projects with much more confidence and quality, no matter the task.


I was a freshman! So the UI is not the best but it is important to learn from! One huge aspect was that I created a mini-map that gets created in runtime since each level had a different amount of rooms. The problem was that there was not enough room on the screen since it came in so late so I had to move the minimap to each side of the screen when the player entered a new room! Never do that again!

The UX challenge of this game was communicating time to the player so everything was based around that. Including slowing time, beats of seconds around the level and flashing the timer and screen. This all worked well together to create the idea of time so the player never lost track.

Main Menu


Final Screenshots