Running Good Time is a 3D fast paced first person game in which the player runs and jumps through the environment pushing buttons and reaching the end goal of a giant gem.

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Running Good Time

Running Good Time was in development from Sep 2017 - Oct 2017 during my junior year at DigiPen. It was a solo project focused on 3D level design. It was developed in Unreal Engine 4.


Since this was a solo project I developed everything in the game with highlights including: level design, UX, and gameplay scripting. This was my first project utilizing the Unreal Engine so it is very rough but showcases my level design capabilities and the UX design that comes with that.

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This project was developed in 7 weeks. The main focus of the assignment was to learn the Unreal Engine and create a level that guides the player through it. For that reason there is not a lot of UI or gameplay but rather a heavy focus on level 

Gameplay Sample

design and using the space to guide the player. This was my first project in the Unreal Engine and with this I learned how to use the blueprint system, the level editor, and various engine features. This also greatly improved my level design skills as I set out to create a large scale map that effectively guided the player.


When designing the level I knew that I wanted to make something big. When it comes to the design classes, I often try to push the boundries and challenge myself in production and design. This was my first 3D level so there were a lot of challenges in utilizing verticle design in the levels. I ended up splitting the experience into 3 phases which required a button to be pressed in each one. These sections of the game were styled with mid, low, and high elevation to make the player feel the overall game flow in their gameplay. Each section included a large emphasis in vertical movement trying to take advantage of the 3D space.

I utilized lights and light effects in order to grab the players attentions and pull them toward the direction they needed to go. In addtion to lights I utilized ingame cutscenes to show the player the results of their actions, aswell as coloring sections of the map in order to gravitate the player to the new areas they were opening up. It was an elegant design of a hub objective with 3 diverging areas. A ton of testing and iteration was required to guide the players movement through the large scale map but in the end I achieved the results I wanted and created a fully guided experience that the player felt they were discovering on their own.

Second Area

Level Design

Final Screenshots

Level Shot