Shopping Good Time is a 3D first person shop management game in which the player can decorate, buy, and craft items in their shop to serve their customers and build the shop they want to build.

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Shopping Good Time

Shopping Good Time was in development from Nov 2017 - Dec 2017 during my junior year at DigiPen. It was a solo project focused on expression engagement type with a polished user experience. It was developed in Unreal Engine 4.


Since this was a solo project I developed everything in the game with highlights including: system design, UX, and gameplay scripting. This was my second project utilizing the Unreal Engine so not the most professional but showcasing a lot of design abilities.

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This game was more of a proof of concept. It was assigned for a design class requiring exploration of the Expression engagement type, as well as focusing on UX design. Developing this project allowed me to learn a lot about the mesh system,

Gameplay Sample

blueprints, audio system, and material system within the Unreal Engine. Additionally, the style of the game required a ton of system design when it came  to the purchasing booths, game saving, customer AI, and store building system.

The project's main goal was to make the player feel like a store manager selling whatever goods they wanted to. For this I had to create a lot of content for the player in order to fully immerse them in this feel. The main features of the game include: buying furniture, decorations and goods, placing, organizing, and expanding the stores layout, and time/money management. Every action in the game has multiple layers of feedback including audio and visual. To be fair, these feedback layers are not the most polished since I had to develop it all but it offers a good example of what types of assets would be needed to deliver the full experience.

The customers were a large focus so I designed them to have speech bubbles above their heads with pictures to communcate to the player what exactly they were thinking. This was an elegant solution to providing a lot more feedback to the player while keeping with the general theme and style of the game. Additionally, the purchasing booths include an ingame UI that allows the player to stay in the game and never lose immersion while playing. 

Customer Gameplay

UX Focus

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