Utomah is a 2D action platformer in which you explore a charcoal drawn world defeating epic bosses. 

Official Launch Trailer


Utomah was in development from Sep 2016 - May 2017 during my sophomore year at DigiPen. The first four months was essentially pre-production in Unity and the second half was production in the team's custom built engine. All parts of the engine were custom except for Wwise.


Working with a team of 12 in a 2D engine we built ourselves came with a lot of challenges and hats to wear. My contributions include: menus, HUD , level gameplay programming, producing, and cinematic sequences.

Gameplay Screenshots



Video showing the UI work I did. Displays main menu, pause menu, and small HUD work. This was my first experience creating a fully functional + robust 2D menu system/design in C++.

UI Demo



Main Menu

The main menu design is simplistic while showing off the character to provide movement and make it feel more dynamic. There are light shafts phasing in and out to also achieve this effect. It is nice view into the world before the player begins their journey. The functionality of the menus has everything a menu should have. Check boxes, bind-able controls, tabs, sub menus,  multiple layers of navigation, and more! All done with a custom UI system in C++.

Final Screenshots

Since this project was worked on during my sophomore year, it was still early on in my UI design. for that reason some of the menus seem a lot more cluttered then they should be both including gamepad/keyboard instructions at the same time. However, the main highlight of these menus is both the main title page and the functionality.


Video showing some of the gameplay. All of the gameplay was done in a custom engine in c++. I worked on a lot of the UX, cinematics, UI, level mechanics, and the destructive + reconstructing environment.

Gameplay Demo


Destructive Environment+ UX

Video showing the destructive + reconstructive environment of Utomah. I developed this system to connect the gameplay with the world. We wanted this powerful feel from the player and monsters in Utomah so

Dynamic Environment Demo

this was my solution. Its a system in C++ that manipulates objects and their sprite offsets. The major uses of this system were for feedback purposes for the player but also used in specific ways during boss fights creating a memorable and impactful experience.

My teammates and I put a heavy emphasis on the game's feedback and UX. I worked on the boss death sequences giving an epic conclusion to an intense battle, player death, cinematic sequences such as elevator crashing, and more!

Evlevator + Game Title Sequence


1st place - Best Sound Design
1st place - Best Graphics in Custom
1st place - Best Physics in Custom
1st place - Best Tech in Custom
1st place - Best Sophomore game

2nd place - Game of the Year

2nd place - Best Music

2nd place - Best Trailer

2nd place - Best 2D Design

PAX West 2017 respresentative for DigiPen Institute of Technology

IGF Best Student Game 2018 Entry for DigiPen Institute of Technology