Rocketting Good Time is a 2D top view soccer based game where players use their vehicles and power pick-ups to score in the opponent’s goal.

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Rocketting Good Time

Rocketting Good Time was in development from Mar 2017 - Apr 2017 during my sophomore year at DigiPen. It was a solo project focused on multiplayer design and was developed in DigiPen's Zero Engine.


Since this was a solo project I developed everything in the game with highlights including: multiplayer design, UX, game design, and gameplay scripting. This was my first instance designing a game for multiple players so it  was a rewarding challenge!

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Rocketing Good Time is meant to be a competitive experience for its players. In both the two and four player modes they will be constantly targeting the ball and its carrier. The objective is to score in the opponent’s goal. In order to do that

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players will have to ram into each other to steal the ball and use the various power ups in the game to give them advantages. The idea for the project is lacking creativity since it was during the time I was developing Utomah but none-the-less it still contains a lot of unique ideas that other 2D soccer based car games do not have! A lot of the time was actually spent modifying and tweaking the UX and getting the feel of a multiplayer soccer match. For that reason a lot of the UX was tailored to these over the top effects.

The purpose of this design project was to create a game focused around competition primarily having multiplayer aspects. This was a great challenge for me since I never created a multiplayer game so I had the opportunity to gain some experience with what that is like, designing for more than one person.

That was the key piece of wisdom I took away was that you cannot make a single player game and add another player. In order to make something of quality you need to design it for the number of players that there will be.

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